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Are you feeling like you’re not quite right, but your doctor says that you are?
Is your weight changing without changes to your diet and exercise?
Do you struggle through the day feeling tired and/or wired?
Do you have a diagnosis of thyroid Hashimoto’s or Graves’ Disease and want to improve your health and symptoms?

Having an autoimmune disease can be scary, confusing and frustrating. I know, I have one too. Your doctor seems to have limited options beyond medications for your thyroid but isn’t able to address the underlying autoimmune condition that is attacking your thyroid.

You want to do something to improve your own health besides just taking medications. Together we’ll address your autoimmunity with personalized nutrition and lifestyle approaches so you can:

• Go back to your normal weight
• Improve your energy
• Lift the Brain Fog
• Live your life (no longer just trying to get through it)!

Quick Start Package

Learn the basics of thyroid autoimmunity. We’ll work together on a personalized nutrition and lifestyle assessment so we can start looking for the triggers that could be setting off your autoimmunity.

This package includes one 60 minute initial appointment with nutrition assessment and plan and one follow up appointment.

1st Appointment (1 hour) followed by a 45 minute Follow Up

The Thyroid Rebalancing Act

You don’t have to do this alone. I understand thyroid autoimmunity and will guide you on your unique path to feeling like yourself again. Change isn’t always easy so you will be supported over a 3-month period as you create new habits and we track and monitor your symptoms and refine our plan to optimize results. This 3 month package includes a 90-minute initial session, 5 follow up sessions (45 minutes each), support between sessions, journal analysis.

1st Appointment (1.5 hours)
5 – 45 minute follow-up appointments (in 3 months)

Free 15 Minute Consultation

Do you want to make sure we’re a good fit?

Are there specific questions you want to ask before we get started?

Schedule this consultation so we can talk!

Free! 5 Key Nutrients Your Thyroid Needs to Thrive (and where to find them)!

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